18th September 2014 · Luca Sturlese

This is a quick article on how to send an email with PowerShell. The way I have done this is that I have created a Send-Email PowerShell function which can then be added to your function library and dot sourced in your PowerShell scripts.

Alternatively you could just copy paste this function directly into your script and call it from there. Either way, it is simple and it works. Plus you can send both plain-text and HTML emails. So here it is…

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13th September 2014 · Luca Sturlese

If you are installing VMware ESXi on a server \ computer, sometimes you might run into a problem where ESXi cannot detect a Network Adapter (NIC) and therefore will not allow you to continue the installation. The reason for this is because the native ESXi installer does not contain the drivers for the NIC you have installed. This is the situation I found myself in recently when building an ESXi host in my home test lab.

To resolve this problem, we need to inject the drivers into the VMware ESXi installer image and therefore create a custom VMware ESXi image. Although this sounds hard, it is actually pretty easy. Below are the steps required to achieve this…

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24th March 2014 · Luca Sturlese

Hi All,

About a year ago I had a requirement to securely store a few passwords that would then be used to run a PowerShell script. At the time, I thought it would be a good idea to create another one of my PowerShell Function Libraries, such as my PowerShell Logging Function Library.

This article documents my solution and the end product: PowerShell Encryption Function Library….

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