About Me

Hi, I’m Luca. This is my personal IT blog.


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I work full-time in the IT industry as a systems administrator and 3rd level support. I manage and support a range of technologies, including Active Directory, SCCM Config Manager, Citrix and VMware vSphere. I also love scripting and so I write a lot of custom scripts and admin tools that automate and improve daily processes.

In addition to my normal job, I run a side business with my family called PixelEffect where we specialise in Web Design, Graphics Design and Architectural Design. As you may have guessed, I am the web developer.

I am really passionate about IT, especially being able to adapt and apply new technologies and principles in order to challenge and improve the way we do things – whether that be in business or personal.

The other thing I like doing is sharing my knowledge and experience with others. I find this very important, especially in a technical and constantly changing industry such as IT. This is why I started this blog and I hope that people find benefit from what I post, because I know I am grateful to all other IT techs who have spent time sharing their expertise.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have the experience or technical ability I have today without the countless amount of people who have helped me just because they decided to post something online – whether that be a solution or even just a question.

Career Goals:

My ultimate career goal would be to work in a leading IT company where I could work with the latest and upcoming technologies and then help clients design and implement a solution tailored to their individual requirements.