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17th October 2016 · Luca Sturlese

Late last week, VMware and AWS announced a partnership where by VMware workloads will be able to run on AWS. The way it works is as you request the service, ESX hosts and a vCenter get spooled up and configured on bare-metal hardware within AWS datacentres.

This vCenter then connects to your existing environment and will allow for live vMotion of VMs between your on premise and the AWS cloud!

This is potentially a big shift in how companies will consume cloud services as essentially no re-architecture of applications is required to leverage the benefits of cloud – on demand, as-a-service model. ESX hosts and storage essentially become “unlimited” capacity, as at any moment you have the ability to request more resources! No lead times, no capital expenditure.

This is really cool and I think will make a big impact, especially for larger organisations. For more information check out the VMware Cloud on AWS website.

6th September 2016 · Luca Sturlese

This article provides a world life example of how to design serverless architecture solutions in the cloud. I am yet to use the (the solution they have developed), so I can’t comment on its relevance as a CMS but I can highly recommend the the way in which they have leveraged AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB and S3 to build a completely serverless solution.

If you are interested in learning how to architect and develop solutions using modern day cloud principles then I highly recommend this article.

21st August 2016 · Luca Sturlese

The AWS SDK (for any language) is awesome and very powerful. Everything you can do in the AWS console you can do programatically which is why the AWS platform is so awesome to work with.

Getting started with using the AWS SDK can be a little daunting, so in this article we will be looking installing and configuring the AWS SDK for PowerShell so that you can get straight into automating your AWS environment.

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