Determine system level & build number via vSphere PowerCLI

Finding your hosts system level and build number from VMware vSphere PowerCLI is easy! If you don’t know what PowerCLI is or you want to download it and install it on your machine then check out either of these two posts:

If you have already got it installed, then go ahead and launch via the Start menu, otherwise download and install it first. Now that it is up and running lets get started:

1. First we need to connect to host you want to check. To do this, run the following command (replacing with the name or ip address of your host):

Connect-ViServer –Server 

2. Next we run the Get-View cmdlet. The important part is the data we select to return, which in our case is Product.FullName and Product.Build:

Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name, Config.Product | Select Name,{$_.Config.Product.FullName},{$_.Config.Product.Build} | ft -auto

And that is it, very easy.

Hope this helps you guys out

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